Arrival Survival on Captiva Island - Where to Dine When You Arrive on Captiva Island, Florida
Arrival Survival on Captiva Island

Arrival Survival on Captiva Island

You’ve traveled a good part of the day, and you’re hungry and you want to relax.  Some use the term “Arrival Survival”, which seems to capture this transition.  Once our guests arrive and have a chance to look around, the location and accommodations take care of most of this.  Nevertheless, you will probably want to have at least a tentative plan for dinner the first night (see below), and breakfast the first morning.

Dinner the First Night
Many people just want to chill out the first night. They want to settle in and relax.  Having groceries delivered helps with this.  What about dinner?  If you want to eat at home but you don’t want to cook, there are a number of possibilities.

  • Have the makings for deli sandwiches delivered with your groceries.  Or have the sandwiches pre-made at the grocery deli (Publix, Sam’s Club or Costco), and include this in your shopping order.
  • On Andy Rosse Lane located in Captiva's Historic Village.  Latte Da, Keylime Bistro, RC Otters, Mucky Duck, The Bubble Room, Sunshine Seafood and the Island Store are located in “The Village”.  Latte Da has take-out catering, great coffee, pastry, salads, deli and other sandwiches.  Specials and entrees for take out for dinner too. 

  • If you arrive late and you’re hungry, The Original Lazy Flamingo, “Santiva”, serves food until about 12:30 a.m. Closer to the beginning of Captiva.  Turn right out of any of the properties and just over Blind Pass bridge is “Santiva”. You will find The Lazy Flamingo here on the left. It’s a pub style eatery. You could also stop and pick up take out food there.  Crab cakes, chicken or grouper Caesar, rice and beans, hamburgers and great fries.
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